Vivo V23e Review – Powerful Medium Mobile with Beautiful Design

Vivo V23e Review – Powerful Medium Mobile with Beautiful Design –

Vivo V23e is actually a Vivo middle-class mobile phone that has actually been actually found in Indonesia along with the assist of desirable components budget friendly rates and requirements.

This tool features multi-camera assist being composed of 3 back video cams as well as one main electronic camera. Certainly not utilizing a strike opening, the Vivo V23e display still has actually bangs such as a sprinkle fall.

This mobile phone is actually geared up along with a chipset helped make through MediaTek G collection for video pc gaming. While the RAM as well as inner storing are actually huge capability. Along with these components, is actually Vivo V23e capable towards take on various other cellular phones in the exact very same course? Look into the observing evaluations.

vivo V23e

Display – 9/10
Efficiency – 8/10
Electronic camera – 9/10
Electric battery – 9/10
Software program – 8/10
Concept – 10/10



As a middle-class Vivo mobile phone, you can point out this Vivo V23e could be depended on in day-to-day make use of. Primarily with the help of its own hassle-free efficiency, lengthy electric battery lifestyle as well as multi-camera assist.


Lengthy Enduring Battery
33W FlashCharge Features
AMOLED screen
Great Picture Results
Attractive Design
The existence of the NFC feature


Glossy Body
No 3.5mm Sound Port port

vivo V23e HandsOn Display

In simple perspective, this mobile phone makes use of a complete display along with a size of 6.44 ins on the main along with tiny frames. At the same time, the display makes use of AMOLED innovation as well as Complete HD + settlement (2400 x 1080 pixels) which has the capacity to display screen web information vigorous and brilliant.

The rear deal with of the vivo V23e makes use of the Dual-Layer Finishing Procedure as well as Satin AG Glass to ensure it really experiences hassle-free when kept as well as doesn’t leave behind finger prints. Regrettably it creates the rear of the telephone sense unsafe when gripped.

For this explanation, I right away put in the nonpayment clear softcase that was actually found in the drive purchases deal on the Vivo V23e making it pleasant when composed one possession.

vivo V23e Blue Pink

Incidentally, I received a vivo V23e along with a stunning Sun Coastline shade utilizing a distinct gradient shade combo that may modify towards blue, purple, or even fuchsia inning accordance with the watching angle.

Thanks towards the shade it takes, I likewise want to make use of a clear softcase given that it may reveal the desirable shade of the rear deal with towards lots of people. At the same time, if you make use of a tinted delicate situation, the charm of the Vivo V23e are going to be actually dealt with.

Moving towards all-time low there’s a crossbreed port (SIM + microSD card), a USB Type-C slot, as well as a audio sound speaker opening. While on the straight certainly there certainly are actually energy switches and intensity.

The finger print sensing unit on the display has the capacity to find my finger print responsively to ensure it quickens opening the display without the have to get into a code, PIN, or even trend.

vivo V23e Port

Almost the like various other vivo phones, this Vivo V23e simply enables 5 various finger prints to become enrolled in the checking device. As a choice, this tool is actually likewise geared up along with a Encounter Uncover include that may uncover efficiently utilizing simply your encounter.

Face Uncover simply enables one encounter to become enrolled. In dark health conditions, the Vivo V23e display illumination degree are going to be actually enhanced to ensure the user’s encounter could be checked due to the electronic camera to ensure it triggers the Encounter Uncover include.

From the digital photography market, the Vivo V23e is actually geared up along with the assist of 3 back video cams being composed of a 64 MP major electronic camera, 8 MP incredibly wide-angle, as well as 2 MP incredibly macro.

With using 4-in-1 pixel binning innovation, this phone’s major electronic camera through nonpayment generates 16 MP settlement pictures that have actually compelling shades as well as take in a bunch of lighting.

But if you wish to make 64 MP settlement pictures along with the major electronic camera, after that our experts simply have to switch on the Higher Settlement include in the nonpayment electronic camera request coming from Vivo V23e.

Indeed, the variation in between 16 MP as well as 64 MP pictures isn’t quite obvious on tiny media, like mobile phone display screens. At the same time, if the pictures are actually published or even watched on huge media, the variation are going to be actually viewed.

For this explanation, I cropped a specific region towards find a very clear variation in between the 2 pictures. It could be viewed that 64 MP pictures have actually much higher particular compared to 16 MP.

Although the particulars are actually various, these pair of pictures are actually of top quality thus our experts may make use of all of them inning accordance with our necessities.

Unlike OPPO, which may collection Digital RAM capability coming from 2 GB, 3 GB, towards 5 GB, the Vivo V23e is actually instantly energetic as well as could be utilized straight approximately 4 GB.

In various other terms, this telephone has actually a total amount RAM capability of 12 GB along with a structure of 8 GB of bodily RAM as well as 4 GB of Digital RAM. Later on this Digital RAM are going to be actually utilized due to the Vivo V23e device if the bodily RAM capability is actually tired.

To confirm its own capcapacity, I right away ran treatments that are actually generally utilized for everyday tasks like e-mail, social networking, record publishers, conversation, songs, as well as the periodic online video.

As an outcome, the Vivo V23e has the capacity to manage multitasking treatments efficiently with no barriers. Large-capacity RAM is actually surely some of the variables that creates this mobile phone capable towards with ease manage lots of treatments simultaneously.


Moving on the upcoming degree of screening, I likewise ran numerous well-liked video games like Pokemon Combine, Phone of Responsibility Mobile phone, Mobile phone Tales, PUBG Mobile phone, Field of Valiance, as well as Ultimate Dream XV Wallet Version.

All these video games may manage efficiently along with higher video as well as structure cost setups along with marginal lag. MOBA (Mobile phone On the web Fight Field) video games, like Mobile phone Tales, Pokemon Combine, as well as Field Of Valiance are actually still operating effectively when lots of personalities are actually combating in one field simultaneously.

Although Ultimate Dream XV Wallet Version could be had fun with the highest possible video setups as well as structure costs efficiently, it creates the rear of the mobile phone warm up promptly. Because of this, it is actually much a lot better towards participate in this video activity along with tool or even reduced setups to ensure the vivo V23e temp continues to be steady.


In exams along with the AnTuTu Standard request, the vivo V23e received a higher rack up which arrived at 323,413 aspects. While the standard along with the Geekbench 5.4.3 request, this mobile phone received a rating of 518 aspects for Single-Core as well as 1,759 for Multi-Core.

From all of the efficiency exams executed over, the vivo V23e has actually an effective efficiency for the dimension of the center section mobile phone to ensure it may take on various other items in the exact very same course.

Compared towards gadgets in its own course that currently make use of a 5,000mAh electric battery, this Vivo V23e still makes use of a 4,050mAh electric battery. Yet based upon screening, this mobile phone has actually a lengthy electric battery lifestyle.


Based on the electric battery standard utilizing the PCMark for Android request, Vivo V23e procured a rating of thirteen hrs 11 moments. For the report, this exam was actually executed along with electric battery health condition specifications of 100%, illumination degree of 50%, as well as Operate 3.0 electric battery setting.

While in everyday make use of, this mobile phone taken care of towards report an opportunity of 12 hrs 42 moments along with a Display promptly of 6 hrs 33 moments when utilized coming from 100% towards 1% electric battery health conditions.

In everyday make use of, I likewise generally manage conversation treatments, social web internet browsers frequently, and media. Furthermore, I likewise manage e-mail treatments as well as record publishers when required. I are going to likewise participate in songs or even participate in video games every now and then when I’m tired.

vivo V23e All of Color

With the assist of 33W FlashCharge innovation, the electric battery coming from the vivo V23e could be asked for promptly coming from 1% towards 100% in merely 1 hr thirteen moments or even 73 moments. You can point out the combo of lengthy longevity as well as swift billing is actually the conveniences that could be highlighted coming from this mobile phone.

vivo V23e is actually geared up along with FunTouch 12 based upon Android 11 which has actually an easy user interface that creates it much less complicated for me towards browse in between treatments, video games, as well as the setups food selection.


FunTouch 12 is actually likewise geared up along with numerous components that I usually make use of, like 3-finger Screenshot, Intelligent Divide, Dark Application Duplicate, and Setting. I choose towards get screenshots through wiping or even wiping the display along with 3 finalized given that it may decrease harm towards the bodily intensity or even energy switch to ensure it does not proceed to become utilized.

Smart Divide assist enables me towards manage pair of applications simultaneously on one display. For instance, I conversation on WhatsApp while analysis short posts on different webinternet web sites by means of a web internet browser.

Meanwhile, Application Duplicate enables replicating treatments, producing it much less complicated for me towards get into pair of social networking sites profiles simultaneously in one mobile phone. It ought to be actually kept in mind that simply particular applications assist the Intelligent Divide as well as Application Duplicate components.

vivo V23e Box

I may likewise conveniently perspective web information in dark health conditions or even in the evening with the help of the capcapacity of Dark Setting which may bring in the device history on the vivo V23e dark or even dark.

After utilizing it for a handful of full weeks, I myself rejoice utilizing the vivo V23e given that it has actually hassle-free efficiency as well as lengthy electric battery lifestyle. Additionally, there’s a FlashCharge swift billing include.

The multi-camera assist that exists on the vivo V23e enables me to become imaginative in generating exciting pictures. This tool is actually likewise geared up along with an NFC (Close to Industry Interaction) sensing unit that makes it simple for me towards check out or even best up my e-money equilibrium promptly.

The use AG Glass component on the rear deal with, creates this telephone sense unsafe when composed one possession. Because of this, I right away install the nonpayment clear softcase on the Vivo V23e to ensure I may keep it conveniently.

vivo V23e Fifty percent Back

Unfortunately, this mobile phone isn’t geared up along with a 3.5mm sound port slot, thus I need to make use of the 3.5mm towards USB Type-C sound port adapter that’s currently consisted of in the purchases deal.

If the sound port adapter is actually a headache, after that as a choice our experts may make use of earphones or even a port that makes use of a Bluetooth link or even straight has actually a USB Type-C slot.

Although it still has actually disadvantages, the benefits brought through this tool are actually currently capable towards assist everyday regimens effectively. Along with a rate of IDR 4,399,000, I believe the Vivo V23e has the capacity to take on various other cellular phones in the exact very same cost selection.