Vivo V21 5G Review – Beautiful Design and Battery Power

Vivo V21 5G Review – Beautiful Design and Battery Power –

In 2021, Vivo formally enhanced the capacities of the V collection cellular phone, which was actually viewed along with the existence of the Vivo V21 5G in Indonesia.

You can point out vivo V21 5G could be an option for those of you that wish a tool along with 5G system sustain, yet do not wish to devote excessive cash.

On the various other finger, the vivo V21 5G features the sustain of an effective chipset helped make through MediaTek which is actually stabilized through a big RAM as well as inner storing ability. A big ability electric battery is actually likewise offered within this particular mobile phone.

Vivo V21 5G review

Display – 9/10
Functionality – 8/10
Video cam – 9/10
Electric battery – 9/10
Software application – 8/10
Concept – 10/10



vivo V21 5G is actually a mid-range 5G cellular phone that exists in Indonesia along with 8 GB RAM sustain, 128 GB inner storing, 64 MP major video cam, 4,000mAh electric battery, as well as 33W Blink Cost include.


Lengthy electric battery life
33W Blink Cost Features
Huge RAM as well as inner storing capacity
Total display AMOLED 90Hz
Excellent video cam photos
Functional NFC
Desirable design


No 3.5mm port sound port
Glossy rear body

Plus the concept supplied due to the vivo V21 5G may captivate the eye. Along with the requirements as well as functions it delivers, is actually this item capable towards take on smart phones in the exact very same cost selection? Towards determine in much a lot extra particular, view the examine in the adhering to short post.

vivo V21 5G Fifty percent Bottom

When I viewed the main of the vivo V21 5G, I was actually confronted with a complete display along with tiny frames as well as waterdrop-shaped bangs. This is actually nearly just like the vivo V20 which in 2013 was actually found in Indonesia.

vivo V21 5G has actually a 6.44-inch display along with Total HD + settlement (2400 x 1080 pixels), AMOLED modern technology, as well as HDR10 + which has the ability to display screen web information vigorous and intense. Additionally, the 90 Hz freshen cost brought due to the display has the ability to ruin my eyes due to the fact that it creates video activity computer animations as well as change activities in between requests appeal hassle-free.

On this telephone, I may opt for the display freshen cost in between 60 Hz or even 90 Hz when utilized in regular tasks. Yet thus as certainly not towards worry about, after that I utilize the Intelligent Change include which may instantly freshen the cost inning accordance with the web information being actually opened up.

vivo V21 5G HandsOn Front

This mobile phone has actually been actually outfitted along with an on-screen finger print sensing unit that has the ability to reply to finger prints rapidly. On the other hand the unit of the tool enables approximately 5 various finger prints to become acknowledged due to the sensing unit.

As an option I may utilize the Encounter Open include towards open the display responsively. In dark ailments, the display lighting will definitely be actually enhanced creating it simpler for the main video cam towards check encounters.

Towards all-time low, there’s a USB Type-C slot, a crossbreed memory card port (pair of SIM + microSD cards), as well as a audio sound speaker gap. While on the straight edge certainly there certainly are actually loudness as well as electrical power switches set up up and down.

The rear body system of the vivo V21 5G appears gorgeous along with glass component covered in gradient shades. By the way, I myself acquired this mobile phone along with the Sundown Impress different colors which offers rainbow shades which will definitely appeal various relying on the aspect of lighting representation and sight.

In enhancement, this tool likewise has actually yet another different colors variation named Sundown Blue. Although the different colors is actually desirable as well as finger prints as well as dirt are actually certainly not quickly affixed to the rear, the Vivo V21 5G body system really experiences unsafe when in the finger thus there’s a danger of becoming quickly.

To beat this, I install an added softcase that’s actually on call in the purchases deal. The nonpayment softcase is actually clear thus the rainbow different colors charm of the vivo V21 5G could be viewed along with the nude eye.

vivo V21 5G Camera

Still on the rear, certainly there certainly are actually 3 back video cams as well as LED Blink that are actually set up in an eye-catching package. Viewed the major video cam has actually the biggest cycle on top towards reveal that this video cam can creating a big settlement.

The 3 back video cams are composed of a 64 MP major video cam, 8 MP tremendously vast, as well as 2 MP tremendously macro. Through nonpayment, the Vivo V21 5G major video cam will definitely make pictures along with a settlement of 16 MP that have actually powerful shades as well as soak up a considerable amount of lighting with the help of 4-in-1 pixel binning modern technology,

Later, the expert system or even Fabricated Knowledge (AI) that has actually been actually dental implanted through vivo within this particular mobile phone will definitely bring in 16 MP pictures generated due to the major video cam with the ability of possessing excellent end results as well as adjusted towards the encompassing ecological ailments.

However, if you intend to make 64 MP settlement pictures along with the major video cam, after that I may turn on the Higher Settlement include in the nonpayment video cam treatment as well as instantly words 64 MP UHD will definitely seem on the display.

On a little display, the distinction in between 16 MP as well as 64 MP pictures doesn’t appeal considerably. Having said that, when published or even featured on huge media, the distinction will definitely be actually viewed, particularly in the particulars featured.

For this explanation, I reduce or even plant specific locations to ensure the distinctions in pictures coming from these pair of settlements are actually plainly noticeable. Because of this, 64 MP pictures have actually much higher particular compared to 16 MP pictures. Having said that, each pictures are actually of top quality.

From the components industry, the Vivo V21 5G is actually outfitted along with the MediaTek Dimensity 800U Octa-Core chipset (Dual-Core Cortex-A76 2.4 GHz & Hexa-Core Cortex-A55 2.0 GHz) which is actually balanced out through 8 GB RAM as well as 128 GB inner storing..

On study, this components combo has the ability to bring in it operate requests or even video games properly. Additionally, the vivo V21 5G has actually an Lengthy RAM include that utilizes free of charge area coming from inner storing towards come to be Online RAM approximately 3 GB ability.

In various other terms, the complete RAM of the mobile phone could be 11 GB coming from a mixture of 8 GB RAM + 3 GB Online RAM. Towards verify the capcapacity of the components structure, I right away checked it through operating several requests for regular tasks varying coming from telephone, SMS, record editor, e-mail, social networking, video clip gamer, songs gamer, and conversation.

vivo V21 5G Lower Logo

As an outcome, the vivo V21 5G has the ability to operate these requests properly in multitasking, particularly the treatment changing really experiences hassle-free. Aside from an effective chipset, RAM along with a big ability is actually likewise a consider the hassle-free multitasking procedure on this mobile phone.

Towards the upcoming degree of screening, I likewise participated in a number of well-liked video games like Mobile phone Tales, Sector of Valiance, PUBG Mobile phone, Get in touch with of Responsibility Mobile phone, Free of charge Terminate, as well as Last Dream XV Wallet Version.

As an outcome, all of video games besides Last Dream XV Wallet Version manage to operate properly utilizing higher framework fees and video. While Last Dream XV Wallet Version needs to be actually collection along with video as well as framework cost after tool or even listed below to ensure it may operate properly.

vivo V21 5G Functionality Benchmark

Furthermore, the vivo V21 5G procured a rating of 384,845 factors for screening along with AnTuTu Standard v9.0.7-OB. While on the Geekbench 5.4.1 treatment, this mobile phone procured a rating of 585 factors for Single-Core as well as 1,765 for Multi-Core.

Based on screening utilizing day-to-day requests, video games, as well as standard requests, it seems that the Vivo V21 5G has actually strong functionality that creates it capable towards take on various other smart phones in the center training class.

vivo V21 5G Fifty percent Top

Turning towards the resource of its own lifestyle power, the vivo V21 5G features a 4,000mAh electric battery which Vivo insurance cases may final a number of years in ordinary utilize. Towards verify this insurance case, I right away performed a standard utilizing the PC Measure for Android treatment, the illumination degree was actually 50%, as well as the electric battery ability began with 100%.

In screening the display along with a freshen cost of 90 Hz, the vivo V21 5G procured a rating of 11 hrs 51 mins. While on the 60 Hz display, this telephone obtains a greater rack up which gets to 15 hrs 57 mins.

With this distinction in credit ratings, it could be viewed that the much higher the freshen cost on the display, the much a lot extra power it may take in. Furthermore, AccuBattery likewise files using the vivo V21 5G electric battery when utilized in regular tasks.

vivo V21 5G Electric battery Benchmark

On a display along with a freshen cost of 60 Hz, this mobile phone has the ability to final for 14 hrs fifty mins along with a display punctually of 5 hrs 18 mins coming from 100% towards 1% ailments. While on a 90 Hz display, the Vivo V21 5G may final for 11 hrs 5 mins along with a display punctually of 5 hrs 5 mins coming from 100% towards 1%.

The existence of the 33W Blink Cost include creates demanding this mobile phone electric battery swift. AccuBattery likewise keep in minds that demanding the electric battery coming from 3% towards 100% simply takes 1 hr 12 mins or even 72 mins.

vivo V21 5G is actually outfitted along with Funtouch OS 11.1 based upon Android 11 which has actually a basic user interface that creates it quick and easy for me towards browse in between video games and requests.

Funtouch OS 11.1 has actually been actually outfitted along with an array of fascinating functions varying coming from Dark Setting, Intelligent Divide, Application Duplicate, 3-finger a lot more, and Screenshot. Along with Dark Setting, I may easily sight web information in lower ailments or even in the evening due to the fact that the unit as well as treatment screens are actually dark or even on a dark history.

While Intelligent Divide enables me towards operate pair of requests simultaneously in one display. For instance, I may conversation on WhatsApp while enjoying online videos on YouTube. For Application Duplicate, it has the ability to replicate requests that enable pair of social media sites profiles in one mobile phone.

Although it is actually usual on several mobile phones, the 3-finger Screenshot include may bring in it simpler towards get screenshots through just wiping or even wiping the display coming from the best towards all-time low utilizing 3 fingers all together.

vivo V21 5G Fifty percent Lower Top

After utilizing it for a handful of full weeks, I myself am actually completely contented along with the functionality as well as functions supplied due to the vivo V21 5G. Additionally, this mobile phone has the ability to operate requests properly as well as has actually a lengthy electric battery lifestyle.

Multi-camera sustain enables me towards quickly produce fascinating pictures. While the display has lots of AMOLED modern technology as well as the freshen cost of 90 Hz creates me free of charge towards take pleasure in the web information featured due to the Vivo V21 5G.

But I have actually to become cautious when storing the Vivo V21 5G due to the fact that the rear body system really experiences incredibly unsafe. Therefore, I right away mounted the nonpayment clear softcase on this mobile phone to ensure I can store it easily.

In enhancement, the vivo V21 5G isn’t outfitted along with a 3.5mm port sound slot thus I must utilize the 3.5mm towards USB Type-C sound port adapter that has actually been actually supplied in the purchases deal. This remedy may likewise be actually stated towards boost the span of the wire when linking earphones or even earphones along with mobile phones.

Almost the like the vivo V20, this mobile phone has actually been actually outfitted along with a functional NFC sensing unit that could be utilized towards replicate e-money memory cards, office or home accessibility others, and memory cards. Having said that, simply specific memory cards actually sustain this include.

vivo V21 5G HandsOn

The NFC sensing unit on this mobile phone may likewise be actually utilized for records in between gadgets that each have actually this sensing unit, load or even examine e-money equilibriums, as well as bring in electronic resettlements.

Vivo on its own insurance cases that this mobile phone may sustain 5G systems in Indonesia. Having said that, it still requirements to become checked more looking at that the 5G system is actually still fairly brand-brand new in Indonesia as well as certainly there certainly are actually some unique demands that needs to be actually possessed through smart phones.