Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review – Late Fan Edition

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review – Late Fan Edition –

Samsung launched the Universe S21 FE at an instead weird attend my point of view, as well much coming from the Universe S21 as well as as well near to the Universe S22 which is actually apparently as a result of for launch in February.
The Universe S21 FE is actually in fact a great telephone as if the finances variation of the Universe S collection. Some facets of the mobile phone, like the display modern technology as well as the chipset utilized, are actually still the like their much older bro, which was actually launched previously.

Samsung Universe S21 FE

  • Display – 8/10
  • Efficiency – 8/10
  • Video cam – 8/10
  • Electric battery – 8/10
  • Software application – 8/10
  • Style – 8/10



The Universe S21 is actually a rewarding affordable front runner collection telephone along with qualified efficiency as well as a magnificent display. However the electric battery lifestyle isn’t acceptable as well as shown up a little bit behind time.


  • Impressive screen
  • Hurry performance
  • Affordable cost flagship
  • Strong camera


  • Electric battery isn’t acceptable at 120Hz
  • Happened late

The Universe S21 FE lugs a concept much like the Universe S21, specifically in the place of ​​the back video cam protrusion. It is merely that the video cam protrusion on the Universe S21 FE appears even more incorporated along with the rear of the mobile phone as well as the different colors is actually outfit.

The rear of the Universe S21 FE makes use of plastic component while the structure for the mobile phone makes use of light weight aluminum component. Despite the fact that it makes use of plastic component, the Universe S21 FE for me still really experiences superior when composed my finger.

Samsung Universe S21 FE

The edges still make use of a rounded style thus it is actually pleasant when I keep it. Certainly, the pattern of cellphones along with standard edges is actually presently growing, however in my point of view they are actually even more feeling free to towards the eye however certainly not to become gripped.

On the edge is actually additionally pinned the energy intensity command and switch. At the end of the Universe S21 FE there’s a audio sound speaker opening, a USB C port, as well as a twin SIM memory card port.

There are actually 4 different colors variations of the Universe S21 FE towards pick from as well as within this particular examine I make use of the dark different colors version which appears eye-catching along with a matte different colors throughout the mobile phone. This dark different colors in specific illumination in fact appears even more as if dark grey.

The display of the Universe S21 FE is actually 6.4 “along with a standard style. The modern technology makes use of Powerful AMOLED 2X along with a settlement of 2340 x 1080 pixels as well as a revitalize fee of 120Hz.

At the best of the display there’s an opening for the frontal video cam which the good news is Samsung no more has actually a silver cycle about the video cam as if in the Universe S20 FE. My knowledge on the Universe S20 FE was actually a little bit disruptive coming from the silver cycle.

For the high top premium of the display display screen is actually really fulfilling. And also the display is actually brilliant thus it is simple towards make use of in the sunshine. The 120Hz revitalize fee offered additionally helps make the computer animation of the mobile phone display appeal hassle-free.

But in some way this revitalize fee isn’t an flexible style as if on the Universe S21 thus the display will certainly still make use of a 120Hz revitalize fee for numerous web information. This might be actually exactly just what helps make the Universe S21 FE provided that I make use of it in 120Hz revitalize fee setting the electric battery is actually a little bit unsatisfactory.

Inside the display is actually an optical finger print scanning device, certainly not the even more stylish ultrasonic as if on the frequent Universe S21. For the finger print diagnosis procedure, I feeling prompt as well as certainly there certainly are actually not a problem.

Samsung Universe S21 FE

For those that really wish to obtain a Universe S21 FE along with a Snapdragon chipset, they might be actually discouraged towards observe that in the meantime in Indonesia their mobile phone makes use of the exact very same Exynos 2100 chipset as the frequent Universe S21.

Although abstractly the Exynos 2100 conducts listed below Snapdragon 888, provided that I make use of it I am actually pleased along with its own prompt efficiency in managing numerous requests.

However, two times I have actually located that the mobile phone unexpectedly really experiences slow-moving or even delays. I aren’t sure why this occurred, however I defendant this is actually due to the fact that the revitalize fee application isn’t ideal. When I alter the revitalize fee towards 60Hz and after that alter it once once more towards 120Hz, the efficiency is actually hassle-free once once more.

Samsung Universe S21 FE Benchmark

Left: AnTuTu score; Straight: Geekbench Skor Score

The RAM offered due to the Universe S21 FE has actually a capability of 8GB as well as inner storing of 128GB or even 256GB relying on the version. It must be actually kept in mind, the Universe S21 FE doesn’t offer a microSD port thus the inner storing cannot be actually improved.

One various other minus that I located is actually that this mobile phone conveniently really experiences warm and comfortable while I make use of it. In reality, I just make use of the mobile phone for social networking and searching.

On the sound edge, the Universe S21 FE makes use of stereo system audio speakers whose intensity is actually pretty loud. The sound outcome high top premium audios respectable also at higher intensity degrees.

Samsung Universe S21 FE

The Universe S21 FE is actually furnished along with 3 back electronic cameras, particularly a 12MP broad major video cam, 12MP ultrawide, as well as 8MP telephoto. For the frontal video cam, it has actually a huge settlement of 32MP which will certainly delight selfie supporters even more.

The major video cam of the Universe S21 FE is actually in fact proficient at audio image items. The pictures look vigorous as well as the different colours are actually pretty precise. The picture include offered can easily additionally create intriguing bokeh pictures. However for one reason or another the edges of the image commonly appeal blurred.

If it is an ultrawide lense that is alright, however it is a routine broad lense. The good news is I really did not locate this issue along with telephoto lenses. I aren’t sure what’s inappropriate, whether it is on the software application or even equipment edge. To make sure if this issue gets on the equipment edge, repairing it will certainly be actually even more difficult.

For image enlargement, the Universe S21 FE can easily conduct optical zoom of 3x as well as electronic zoom of around 30x. When compared with the telephoto video cam on the Universe S21, the settlement of the Universe S21 FE video cam appears considerably smaller sized however this mobile phone makes use of optical zoom.

Even in screening making use of PC Measure, the end results were actually lower than acceptable, particularly along with a rating of 10 hrs 5 mins in 60Hz display setting, 50% display illumination, as well as 100% electric battery. The exact very same exam in 120Hz setting ball game freefall towards merely 7 hrs 58 mins.

Actually, the electric battery capability of the Universe S21 FE is actually pretty big, particularly 4,500mAh. Possibly this is actually due to the fact that the display does not sustain flexible revitalize fee, which changes the revitalize fee inning accordance with the web information being actually presented towards conserve electric battery lifestyle.

For billing the electric battery, the Universe S21 FE sustains 25W prompt billing modern technology. However Samsung once once more doesn’t offer a battery charger in package thus it is actually needed towards make use of an additional battery wall charger.

Charging the Universe S21 FE electric battery making use of the Samsung 25W battery wall charger I have actually took approximately 1 hr 15 mins coming from 10% towards 100% electric battery degree. In addition to having the ability to cost the electric battery making use of a wire, the Universe S21 FE additionally sustains cordless billing along with 15W of energy.

Samsung Universe S21 FE

I’m in fact pleased along with exactly just what the Universe S21 FE needs to deal. However exactly just what I feeling isn’t as pleased as when I make use of the Universe S20 FE. Possibly this is actually due to the fact that the Universe S20 FE brought a clean style back then as well as was actually launched at a much more ideal opportunity.

Putting that apart, the Universe S21 is actually a rewarding affordable front runner collection telephone along with qualified efficiency as well as a magnificent display. However the electric battery lifestyle isn’t acceptable at higher revitalize costs.

If I was actually provided the selection of acquiring the Universe S21 FE or even the frequent Universe S21 during the time of composing this examine, I will in all honesty favor the frequent Universe S21 which is actually currently less costly as well as has actually a much better style in my point of view.