Full Review OPPO Reno6

Full Review OPPO Reno6 –

OPPO Reno6 is just one of OPPO’s front runner phones in 2021 in Indonesia that relies upon equipment exciting attributes and requirements.

The capcapacity of digital photography as well as videography is actually the feature of this particular mobile phone. Also the existence of 4 back electronic cameras enables more development towards create an assortment of exciting images.

In enhancement, Reno6 is actually additionally asserted towards have actually highly effective efficiency as well as sustain for 50W Blink Cost which has the ability to cost the electric battery promptly. Valued at IDR 5,199,000, is actually the Reno6 capable towards take on various other mobile phones at the exact very same rate variation in Indonesia? Towards determine its own functionalities, here is a customer review of the Reno6.

OPPO Reno6 Review

  • Display – 9/10
  • Efficiency – 9/10
  • Video cam – 9/10
  • Electric battery – 8/10
  • Software application – 8/10
  • Concept – 9/10



Reno6 is actually OPPO’s front runner cellphone in 2021 in Indonesia which is actually geared up along with Snapdragon 720G chipset sustain, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB interior storing, as well as 4 64 MP back electronic cameras.


  • Excellent video cam quality
  • Hassle-free performance
  • Lengthy electric battery life
  • Prompt electric battery charging
  • Has actually RAM Development Features
  • Exciting Aurora color


  • Sky Motion isn’t responsive
  • Macro video cam settlement isn’t huge enough


By nude eye, OPPO Reno6 features a 6.4-inch total display that has actually AMOLED modern technology, Total HD + settlement (2400 x 1080 pixels), as well as a strike opening concept. Because of using a 90Hz revitalize cost, the display may screen changes in between requests as well as video activity computer animations much a lot extra easily.

In enhancement towards lessening the frame, the strike opening that exists on the OPPO Reno6 is actually made use of towards suit the main video cam. Using AMOLED modern technology additionally enables a finger print sensing unit to become readily accessible on the display.

OPPO Reno6 Main HandsOn

The Reno6 finger print sensing unit has the ability to check finger prints responsively in order that it quickens display opening. Additionally, this mobile phone is actually additionally geared up along with a Experience Open include that enables me towards open the display making use of my experience.

On the straight edge there’s an electrical power switch, while the microSD port as well as intensity switches are actually straight left wing. Relocating to all-time low there’s a 3.5mm sound port slot, USB Type- audio sound speaker openings, and C.

Incidentally, I received the OPPO Reno6 along with the Aurora different colors (there’s additionally a Outstanding Dark different colors alternative) which utilizes the Ruby Range as well as Reno Radiance strategies in order that it delivers different different colors gradations just like the Aurora that shows up at the north post.

OPPO Reno6 HandsOn Back

The different colors will definitely appeal altering relying on the viewpoint of it as well as the instructions of the lighting representation. This produces OPPO Reno6 have actually a layout that appears lovely and one-of-a-kind. And also the back physical body isn’t unsafe therefore it is actually simple towards hold along with one finger.

Not simply that, OPPO has actually additionally created the back physical body of the Reno6 have actually an area that’s certainly not simply affixed towards dirt and finger prints. Yet merely just in case, you ought to instantly make use of an added softcase on the Reno6 that’s actually existing to obtain the purchases deal.

OPPO Reno6 Quad Cam

From the digital photography field, OPPO Reno6 features sustain for 4 back electronic cameras that have actually a primary video cam structure of 64 MP, 8 MP ultrawide, 2 MP macro, as well as 2 MP mono. Through nonpayment, the principal video cam will definitely create 16 MP images given that it utilizes 4-in-1 pixel binning modern technology that has the ability to take in a ton of lighting.

However, I may additionally get images along with a much higher settlement making use of the principal video cam when turning on the 64 MP include in the Reno6 nonpayment video cam use. In the beginning look, the end results of the 16 MP as well as 64 MP settlement images are actually certainly not that various when seen on little media, including mobile phone or even tablet computer displays.

But in fact these pair of images have actually distinctions in the much higher particular segment for 64 MP. Towards find the variation, I carried out a plant as well as evaluation in between the 2 images.

From the equipment field, OPPO Reno6 features a combo of Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G (8nm) Octa-Core 2.3 GHz chipset, 8 GB RAM, as well as 128 GB interior storing. There’s also a RAM Development include that obtains interior storing capability towards come to be Online RAM.

This include offers me the alternative towards include Online RAM capability coming from 2 GB, 3 GB, towards 5 GB. To put it simply, OPPO Reno6 has the ability to have actually RAM along with an overall capability of thirteen GB coming from a combo of 8 GB RAM as well as 5 GB Online RAM.

Next, I instantly evaluated the efficiency of the OPPO Reno6 through managing different requests for day-to-day regimens including documentation publishers, social media sites, conversation, SMS, telephone, video recording streaming, streaming e-mail, and tracks.


As an outcome, OPPO Reno6 has the ability to manage multitasking requests easily easily. Besides highly effective chipset efficiency, RAM along with a big capability has the ability to manage lots of requests simultaneously.

In the following phase, I additionally manage different preferred video games including Mobile phone Tales, Field of Valiance, PUBG Mobile phone, Phone of Responsibility: Mobile phone, Code Atma, Still Empire, as well as Ultimate Dream XV Wallet Version.

This mobile phone has the ability to manage all of video games easily making use of higher video as well as framework cost setups. Yet specifically for Ultimate Dream XV Wallet Version, I propose you ought to make use of tool or even reduced video as well as framework prices towards manage much a lot extra easily.

In efficiency screening along with AnTuTu Criteria V9.0.6-OB, OPPO Reno6 received a higher rack up of 340.033 aspects. While on Geekbench 5.4.1, this telephone obtained a rating of 566 for Single-Core as well as 1,695 for Multi-Core.


Based on these end results, it shows up that the OPPO Reno6 has actually highly effective efficiency in its own lesson. To put it simply, this tool may take on various other smart phones in the exact very same rate variation in Indonesia.

Armed along with a 4,310mAh electric battery, OPPO insurance cases that the Reno6 may final a long period of time in ordinary make use of. Towards confirm this insurance case, I instantly carried out an electric battery lifestyle exam along with the PCMark criteria use for day-to-day make use of and Android.

For screening along with PCMark for Android, I made use of the Operate 2.0 Electric battery Lifestyle include along with an electric battery health condition of 100% as well as a display screen illumination amount of 50%. On a display screen along with a revitalize cost of 90Hz, the Reno6 procured a rating of 11 hrs 43 mins.

While on a display screen along with a 60Hz revitalize, this OPPO telephone has the ability to acquire a much higher rack up which gets to thirteen hrs 43 mins. This presents that displays along with much higher revitalize prices have the tendency to take in much a lot extra power.


I additionally carried out an electric battery lifestyle exam for daily make use of. Based upon AccuBattery records, OPPO Reno6 may final for 12 hrs 46 mins along with Display on Opportunity meeting 6 hrs 32 mins on a 90Hz revitalize cost display. While on a display screen along with a revitalize cost of 60Hz, this tool has the ability to final for 14 hrs 24 mins along with Display on Opportunity meeting 6 hrs 7 mins.

From all of these examinations, the OPPO Reno6 aims to have actually a durable electrical power taking into consideration its own electric battery capability is actually simply 4,310mAh. Remarkably, OPPO has actually installed the 50W Blink Cost include on this mobile phone which has the ability to cost the electric battery promptly given that it has the ability to cost coming from 10% towards 100% in merely 46 mins.

As a cellphone birthed in 2021, OPPO Reno6 is actually geared up along with ColorOS 11.1 based upon Android 11 along with an easy as well as user-friendly user interface.

ColorOS 11.1 additionally delivers an assortment of exciting attributes varying coming from Dark Setting, Application Cloner, Divide Display, 3-finger Screenshot, 3-Finger Equate, Sky others, and Motion. The existence of Dark Setting enables the os as well as requests towards have actually a dark look in order that it produces me relaxed when watching web information on the display in lower or even dark health conditions.

App Cloner enables me towards go into pair of social media sites profiles simultaneously in OPPO Reno6 given that it has the ability to replicate requests. While Divide Display enables me towards manage pair of requests simultaneously on one mobile phone display, including WhatsApp all at once and YouTube.

The 3-finger screenshot enables me towards get a screenshot through just wiping coming from the best towards all-time low of the display along with 3 fingers kept all together. I may additionally straight equate the text message on the web information on the mobile phone through wiping the display making use of a three-finger motion that’s brought all together because of the 3 Hands Equate include.

The Sky Motion existing on the OPPO Reno6 enables me towards get call through waving my hands without touching the telephone. Using this include, I may additionally scroll with numerous sustained applications, including TikTok, YouTube, others, and Google and twitter.

After making use of it for a handful of full weeks, I sense relaxed making use of the OPPO Reno6. In addition, the efficiency used through this mobile phone is actually very hassle-free as well as the video cam functionalities are actually trusted.


The electric battery lifestyle of this particular tool is actually additionally very satisfying taking into consideration the electric battery capability of 4,310mAh. Also the electric battery billing has the ability to manage promptly. OPPO Reno6 is actually additionally geared up along with an NFC (Close to Industry Interaction) sensing unit that makes it simple for me making electronic resettlements as well as submit or even examine e-Money.

Even however the Sky Motion include is actually very exciting, at times the video cam does not would like to react to my finger motions, that makes its own operate hard as well as produces me choose towards get phone telephone calls straight or even scroll with requests making use of a hands mention the display.