ASUS ROG Phone 5 Review – Playing Games is More Satisfied

ASUS ROG Phone 5 Review – Playing Games is More Satisfied –

While the ZenFone collection was actually still on vacuum cleaner in Indonesia, ASUS was actually still proactively launching their ROG mobile phone product series in Indonesia, the latest one being actually the ROG Telephone 5.

There are actually 2 models of ROG Telephone 5 flowing in Indonesia, such as ROG Telephone 5 and also ROG Telephone 5 Utmost. Within this particular evaluate the variation I’m utilizing is actually the requirement ROG Telephone 5.

As I will get out of a pc gaming telephone, ROG Telephone 5 is actually extremely pleasing for video pc gaming tasks, each in regards to efficiency and also assisting components, specifically the AirTrigger and audio speakers.

ASUS ROG Telephone 5

  • Display – 9/10
  • Efficiency – 10/10
  • Video cam – 7/10
  • Electric battery – 9/10
  • Program – 9/10
  • Layout – 8/10



ASUS along with its own ROG Telephone 5 has actually once more prospered in offering a cell phone that is worthy of the label of a pc gaming cell phone. The efficiency is actually swift, certainly there certainly are actually numerous assisting video pc gaming components, and also the audio speakers are actually growing.


  • Swift performance
  • Loud speakers
  • Helpful video pc gaming features
  • Lengthy electric battery life


  • Huge and also heavy
  • No sprinkle protection certification


ASUS ROG Telephone 5

The much a lot extra you happened right below, the ROG Phone’s layout appears much a lot extra subdued, it does not actually feature the video pc gaming impact. The rear of the cell phone right now makes use of a soft glass product. As a characteristic of the ROG Telephone 5, there’s the ROG logo design on the rear and also reddish emphases in some places of the telephone.

On the edges of the ROG Telephone 5, light weight aluminum is actually made use of where certainly there certainly are actually intensity management switches, energy, double sim memory card ports, USB-C port, and also remarkably there’s an earphone port. There’s likewise a concealed slot dealt with through a rubber deal with. This slot includes USB-C for billing and also an unique affix for ROG Telephone 5 add-ons.

This added billing slot works when you wish to cost your ROG Telephone 5 when you utilize it in garden setting. However the rubber deal with of this particular slot appears to become effortlessly eliminated. The moment I mistakenly eliminated the rubber deal with when the edge of the cell phone was actually massaged through my palm.

There is actually no microSD port supplied on the ROG Telephone 5 however the good news is the interior storing ability supplied is actually pretty big, such as 128GB or even 256GB relying on the ROG Telephone 5 variation made use of.

For its own measurements, the ROG Telephone 5 is actually pretty big. It is also much bigger compared to the Universe S21 Extremely that I normally utilize. And also this telephone is actually likewise hefty and thick.

Due towards its own measurements and also significance, the ROG Telephone 5 isn’t comfy towards utilize along with one palm. I can not aid however need to utilize 2 palms when utilizing the ROG Telephone 5. This comes to be an obstacle when I’m in a challenging condition utilizing 2 palms.

One much a lot extra disadvantage of the ROG Telephone 5’s layout is actually that it does not have actually an IP68 sprinkle protection license, which is actually normally located on cellular phones in a comparable rate variation.

ASUS ROG Telephone 5

The ROG Telephone 5 display has actually evolved requirements, such as AMOLED HDR10+ 144Hz / 1ms along with a 6.78″ display garden and also a settlement of 2448×1080 pixels. The display display screen is actually brilliant each outdoors and inside.

Thanks towards this higher freshen fee, the display has the capacity to generate an computer cartoon display screen that appears soft. The display freshen fee could be readied to 4 methods, such as 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, or even immediately changes towards the sort of display display screen.

The display is actually likewise receptive towards the flair of my hands which is actually extremely useful when participating in video games. Towards shield the display coming from blemishes, ASUS makes use of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on the display of this particular cell phone.

There is actually an instead big frame for today’s leading and also lower edges of the ROG Telephone 5 display. Nevertheless, this frame in fact assists when the cell phone is actually made use of towards participate in video games in garden setting to ensure the display isn’t effortlessly touched.

On the within the display there’s an optical finger print scanning device towards open the telephone. Until now the sensing unit can easily spot my finger print swiftly and also along with marginal concerns.


Talking around efficiency, there’s certainly around the efficiency of the ROG Telephone 5 as a pc gaming telephone. The efficiency is actually extremely swift each when made use of for participating in video games and also for various other treatments.

This is actually with the help of making use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chipset and also 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM. The chipset made use of likewise in fact sustains 5G systems, but also for right now, the 5G system possibility isn’t energetic on the cell phone.

When I utilize ROG Telephone 5 towards participate in well-liked video games such as PUBG, Mobile phone Tales, and also AOV, I can easily participate in it easily at max video environments. Made use of towards participate in ready a very long time, the cell phone does not feeling as well warm.

Especially for the Gensin Effect video activity, the video environments could be taken full advantage of however the efficiency isn’t soft and also the cell phone can easily feeling extremely warm. It is all-organic towards observe this video activity needs extremely higher efficiency coming from cellular phones. If the video establishing is actually readied to Tool the efficiency comes to be smoother.

ROG Telephone 5 are going to immediately trigger X Setting setting if it is actually made use of towards participate in video games. Within this particular setting, the efficiency of the cell phone are going to be actually taken full advantage of, however along with a adverse effects the electric battery energy are going to gone out much a lot faster. You can easily transform it off or even transform the efficiency setting of the cell phone, if you do not desire this include.

Like the previous age group ROG Telephone, there’s an appealing Sky Cause include that you could benefit from when participating in video games. Using this include, our company can easily flair or even do particular activities on each conclusions of the straight edge of the cell phone towards do numerous activities in the video activity.

In enhancement towards its own swift efficiency, ROG Telephone 5 is actually likewise furnished along with stereo system audio speakers which are actually great for a cell phone. The audio is actually growing and also at higher intensity it can easily still be actually listened to plainly. This combo creates the video pc gaming expertise much a lot extra pleasing.

To make up for its own swift efficiency, ASUS has actually installed a 6,000mAh electric battery on the ROG Telephone 5. For my regular utilize, the electric battery lasts all the time along with a display promptly of 5 hrs 29 mins around a 10% electric battery. This is actually along with the problem that the display freshen fee is actually embeded in vehicle setting.

Tested utilizing the PC Measure treatment along with 50% display illumination, 144Hz freshen fee, and also 100% electric battery the resulting electric battery lifestyle rack up is actually 12 hrs 43 mins. The exact very same exam along with a freshen fee of 120Hz ball game is actually 12 hrs 54 mins while the freshen fee 60Hz ball game is actually 14 hrs twenty mins.

ROG Telephone 5 sustains Simple Cost 5.0 electric battery billing modern technology. The good news is, ASUS still supplies a wall charger that sustains this billing modern technology in the ROG Telephone 5 purchases carton. Along with the integrated battery wall charger, I can easily cost the ROG Telephone 5 electric battery coming from 10% towards 100% in lower than 1 hr.

Even however the ROG Telephone 5 is actually a pc gaming telephone, this telephone does not simply policy out video cam components. ROG Telephone 5 offers a back video cam being composed of a 64MP large lense, 13MP ultra-wide, and also 5MP macro lense. While the frontal video cam makes use of a 24MP lense.

Overall video cam high top premium is actually average. The end results of the major lense photograph are actually pretty excellent however certainly not vigorous specifically when the photograph is actually watched inning accordance with its own authentic measurements.

ASUS along with its own ROG Telephone 5 has actually once more prospered in offering a cell phone that is worthy of the label of a pc gaming cell phone. The efficiency is actually swift, certainly there certainly are actually numerous assisting video pc gaming components, and also the audio speakers are actually growing.

But the only thing that demands to become spent for along with cumbersome cellular phones and hefty. Utilizing ROG Telephone 5 along with one palm is actually one thing tough, it should utilize 2 palms to become optimum.